This site is about Sophie Masson’s novels, short stories and picture books based on fairy tales.

Born in Indonesia of French parents, and brought up in France and Australia, Sophie Masson is the award-winning and internationally-published author of over 70 books for children, young adults and adults. Her fiction ranges widely over genres, including historical, mystery, thriller, contemporary, romance, fantasy and picture books, and she has also published non-fiction.

Sophie has always had a strong interest in fairy tales, growing up with both French and English language versions of the great classics, as well as lesser-known tales from France and around the world. Several of her novels are based on fairy tales, including Moonlight and Ashes, Scarlet in the Snow, The Crystal Heart, Hunter’s Moon, The Firebird, Cold Iron, Carabas, and Clementine. Her recent picture book Once Upon An ABC (illustrated by Christopher Nielsen) features characters from fairy tales and folk tales from around the world. She has had several fairy tale retellings and short stories inspired by fairy tales published in magazines, journals and anthologies. Most recently, A Feather of Fenist the Falcon, a story based on a Russian fairy tale, appeared in 2017 in the journal TEXT, while The Silver Apples of the Moon, a story inspired by The Snow Queen, will appear in the South of the Sun anthology (Serenity Press, 2021). An entry on her and her fairy tale-inspired work is in the latest (2015) edition of The Oxford Companion to Fairy Tales, edited by Jack Zipes.


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