Carabas                                           Cold Iron                                        Clementine

Moonlight and Ashes              Scarlet in the Snow                  The Crystal Heart

Hunter’s Moon                            In Hollow Lands                         The Firebird

The Green Prince 

Short stories, collections and anthologies:   

The Road to Camelot            Lancelot                 French Fairy Tales (ill. Lorena Carrington)

South of the Sun, Australian Fairy Tales for the 2st Century

Picture Books:

The Snowman’s Wish (ill. Ronak Taher)

On my Way (ill. Simon Howe)

Once Upon An ABC (ill. Christopher Nielsen)

Two Trickster Tales from Russia (ill. David Allan)


The Green Prince, a play by Sophie Masson and Christopher Ross-Smith, based on Sophie Masson’s novel of the same name.